Monday, March 12, 2007

Beatles Rooftop Concert 2

Imagine how London or New York would react if the Beatles could magically re-unite for one afternoon, and put on a rooftop concert. How many people would complain about the "imposition?" Show me the constable who would want to put a stop to the disruption of the daily routine?

What would be a comparable phenomenon today? Paris Hilton? 50 cent? Popular culture seems to have fallen out of the hands of visionary artists and into the hands of money-grubbing, soulless, "youth culture industry" ghouls. Most kids growing up in the '00s are probably not capable of understanding what the Beatles represented to their generation, since big money interests have smothered most of the music and entertainment scene.

One can only hope that the de-centralised technologies offered by the internet will breed a new generation of genuine musical and cultural revolutionaries.

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