Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is the UK Education Debacle to be the Future of Education in the United States?

The UK is fading as an important world power. Its human capital is being squandered, its very foundation of potential accomplishment allowed to crumble from neglect. The government pushes adolescents to attend university, but then stands by and watches as more and more choose nonsense courses that leave them without income potential are useful knowledge. Is this what Barak Obama wishes to emulate, to make the US "more like Europe and the rest of the world?"
In Reform's report, it said the drift was leading to a skills shortage in the UK, forcing many firms to rely on foreign labour...."Removing individual involvement and decisions from the process has the danger of undermining the values of successful education - personal discipline, curiosity, independence of thought and hard work," said the report.

"It has helped to create a something for nothing culture. One result is the growth of spoon-fed generation that wants to receive education passively and without effort. This generation prefers the X-Factor to A grades."

...Just 6.2 per cent of British university degrees are in engineering, manufacturing and construction, compared to more than nine per cent in North American and 15 per cent in continental Europe, said the study. _Telegraph
If you provide an environment for adolescents to hang out, drinking and using drugs, with free hooking up privileges, taking nonsense classes and generally wasting themselves into oblivion, most young people will take you up on the offer. Particularly if nothing in their past has instilled into them any deeper sense of values or self-motivation.

For the past few decades, at least, the adults of society have been distracted from the function of mind-formation of youth. Consequently, the youths have raised themselves into perpetual adolescence, of a most incompetent and self-destructive nature. Are you surprised at the outcome?

It appears that rather than lifting up the third world, the first world is heading downward itself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

America is already like the UK. The reason our colleges produce 9% of useful degrees compared to 6% in the UK is because we import foreigners to fill our schools.

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