Sunday, May 09, 2010

Pitcher-Style Home Water Purification System

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The Homedics water purification utilises both filtration and light-wave germicidal action to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.95% of microbial cysts in your drinking water (and costs $99.99 as well). It is like a Brita activated charcoal filter plus germicidal ultraviolet, so it removes more of the potentially harmful products that sometimes find their way into a drinking water supply.
Homedics website
UVC light, with wavelengths between 100 and 280 nm, is commonly referred to as “germicidal light” due to its effectiveness in destroying microorganisms. UVC light acts as a natural outdoor air purification system by deactivating the DNA of microorganisms and destroying their ability to multiply.

UVC light has been used to effectively disinfect and sanitize in water treatment plants, hospitals and laboratories, and food and drug facilities for years. In addition, this technology has been used in a number of consumer products.

Utilizing the germ-killing benefits of UVC light, HoMedics, the leader in health and wellness products, developed Restore®, a complete water purification system in an easy to use pitcher. Restore combines UV Clean technology to remove bacteria, viruses and microbial cysts with a filtration system to reduce heavy metals, chlorine (taste and odor), and some industrial and agricultural pollutants.

Restore includes an internal filtration system with an activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Once water has passed through the filter, the water is purified by the built-in UV lamp by activating a 60-second germ-killing cycle. _Homedics PDF



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