Wednesday, March 14, 2012

High Altitude Zombie Monitoring System Offers Higher Level Protection

Global Near Space is working with agencies of the USA government to provide advanced monitoring and communications services to ground stations, in case of a zombie outbreak and apocalypse. The two-stage system pictured below is called "Star Light."
Star Light

Here is more information on the Star Light two-stage system for high level zombie monitoring and early warning:
Exploiting Near Space [for zombie monitoring] has always presented a riddle for engineers:

How can you create an unmanned vehicle that can:

remain airborne for long periods of time;
reside high enough to avoid ground attacks and weather;
hold its position without being tethered;
avoid normal space interference;
carry a variety of payloads for [anti-zombie] purposes;
withstand strong winds; and
be easily controlled [by a dwindling number of human survivors]?

Past efforts—including high-altitude airships and cigar-shaped blimps—have either failed, are cost-prohibitive, require too much infrastructure or are stuck in long development cycles.

The patent-pending Star♦Light—a two-stage, saucer-shaped, lighter-than-air, unmanned communications and surveillance vehicle—is the first technology to solve the riddle.

The Star♦Light's Primary Benefits:
The Star♦Light costs a fraction of traditional unmanned aircraft and satellites.
The Star♦Light's superior aerodynamic design results in high performance.
The Star♦Light can be assembled on site and launched within hours—not days, weeks or months.
The Star♦Light can carry a wide range of payloads for [zombie detection and warning] purposes.
The Star♦Light is solar-powered and uses no petroleum-based fuels. _Star Light via Global Near Space
An additional benefit of the Star Light system is its patented laser zombie detection and targeting sub-system, and the ability to fry zombies to a crisp from near space. No competing systems offer such flexible zombie handling functions from high altitude, over such broad areas from one strike position.

Remember, the good folks at Global Near Space worry about the zombie apocalypse so you do not have to. Despite their best efforts, you may not survive the tidal wave of zombies when it hits. But rest assured that those who do survive will be damned glad for Star Light and all the good work being done by Global Near Space.



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