Thursday, June 10, 2010

Light of Future Night

This LED light bulb is packed full of rechargeable batteries, so that if the power goes down, you will still have 2 hours of light. Or just unscrew the bulb and use it as a flashlight. Source_Engadget

Light Up the Night With Your Heavy Breathing!
These unique algae-powered glow-lamps are charged by sunlight in the day, then fueled by your own CO2 at night. So do something that will cause you to breathe fast and heavy. Your algae will thank you for it.
Inspired by recent research into harnessing energy directly from plants, Netherlands-based designer Mike Thompson has come up with a concept for an algae powered lamp that runs on only sunlight, water and your breath.

Called the Latro (latin for thief), Thompson's concept design consists of a conical jar with a spout and a cross between a handle and a built-in straw at the top. Water is added through the spout, CO2 is added by breathing through the handle, sunlight enters from all sides and everything is in place to harvest energy from the algae. _Gizmag
Humans have used microbes to produce food and drink for several thousand years. Microbial fuels are destined to replace petroleum within 50 years. Why not also use microbes to produce electricity, and light? It is a microbial world.



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