Friday, September 07, 2012

Escape the Zombie Horde in a Flying Home

Flying Home

When the zombie apocalypse hits, you may not have a lot of time to pack your things before making your escape. The idea of making a clean escape in a pre-packed home -- containing all your important belongings -- should appeal to every well informed zombie survivour.

Lighter than air craft allow you to put a much larger distance between yourselves and the emerging zombie horde. And you can travel that distance in unprecedented comfort and style, in the flying home designed by Swiss designer Timon Sager.
The elegantly styled home features multiple decks with several amenities any modern homeowner would want — from a sleek entertainment room to a lavish bedroom. The house also features immense windows that would make every beautiful angle visible. If you have a paralyzing fear of heights, this may not be the home for you, but then again, who could pass up the greatest benefit of traveling in the comfortable confines of one's home? Wolke 7 would also eliminate the arduous task of packing light and researching for a hotel at your destination. Instead of hectic worrying, flying-homeowners can relax and sail the skies to their favorite vacationing spot. _Source

Once you arrive at your zombie survival fortress and redoubt, you can continue to utilise your flying home as an advanced warning lookout platform.

Remember: zombies do not live with regret. If you plan far enough and well enough ahead, you will not have to live with regret or with zombies.

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