Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bugout Tanker: Naked Girl Sold Separately

When you think about the ideal bugout vehicle, it is not likely that you think of a modified tanker trailer. And yet, consider the advantages: easily transportable, rugged construction, weather-proof, potentially floatable, and even capable of burying underground with proper anti-corrosion precautions and ventilation equipment. It would also make a fine sauna on warm summer days.
I am required to tell you that the naked girl seen in the sketch does not come with the converted tanker. You will have to make other arrangements when furnishing your bugout apartment. The long, cold winter nights should be more happily endured with a well furnished survival apartment.
The bugout vehicle above is not nearly so convenient as the tanker apartment on top. For one thing, you must push the vehicle yourself. And as you can see, there is no naked girl inside, nor is there very much room for one should you take the trouble to obtain her. Nevertheless, even a small hand-pushed bugout vehicle is better than no shelter at all. This one comes with a mini-kitchen and make-shift washroom, at least.

Impact Lab, via Design Boom


Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Potpourri of Ways to Escape a Doomed City

If you watched the "After Armageddon" videos in the previous post, you should have some awareness of how difficult it might be to get out of town at the exact same time as several million other would-be escapees. The HovPod featured in the video below was the recipient of the Al Fin 2009 Small Vehicle Survival Award.

The HovPod is a great all-terrain escape vehicle, but you can see from the topmost video that adding flight -- even low level ground effect flight -- to your escape vehicle's capabilities may make the difference between reaching the high ground and being stuck in a bad place.

The Terrafugia Transition is featured in the video below. It is a roadable aircraft capable of flying above the gridlocked freeways below. Finding a good landing spot may be problematic under some conditions, but a wise escape artist plans ahead.

The ICON A5 amphibious trailerable plane may be your best bet if you live near a lake, river, bay, or protected harbour. With the A5 you can take off from water and land on solid surface, or vice versa. Check it out below:

A personal helicopter may be your best bet if you live in the middle of a large city, and do not have access to a waterway or runway for your private airplane. The Helicycle demonstrated in the video below, is one example of a personal helicopter. Consider adding flotation for more versatility.


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