Monday, November 21, 2011

One Tool for Both Hunting and Fishing -- The Gun Rod


Never leave home without it. A fishing rod that converts into a rifle, or a rifle that converts into a fishing rod. Either way, you should be able to supply the protein needs for yourself and perhaps a small band of fellow survivalists.
Survivalists around the country are rejoicing at the release of the carbon fiber and aluminum rifle fishing rod combined into one handy device. We know. Why didn't anyone think of this useful combination before?

This new lightweight .22 caliber single-shot bolt-action rifle comes has a grip that doubles as a fishing rod when you screw in its reel. Add the telescoping rod and you are in business.

Completely waterproof, the rifle breaks down into two pieces, which can easily be stowed...

...Mountain View Machine and Welding sells the rifle fishing rod for $425... _Dvice

Pack-Rifle website



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nice post about gun rod can you plz explain the best hunting gun ever.thanks

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