Monday, November 07, 2011

Reinventing the Wheel

The Omni-Crawler takes the tracked crawler in any direction. Watch the video above to get some new ideas for all terrain vehicles. More here.

The following images come from the LA Auto Show's Design Challenge. It is easier to detect the unique wheel / tire design for some models than for others.
This Honda has been dubbed "the intelligent horse." With the right gearing, shock absorbers, and wheel extensions, you might go almost anywhere a horse could go.
This Benz design features an omni-directional wheel design that we have previously seen on current model fork lift machines. It is still quite clever.
This non-pneumatic tire design appears to incorporate hundreds of miniature shock absorbing devices, to achieve firm support and grip on the road.

The ideal all-terrain craft would combine useful and imaginative wheel or track designs with hovercraft features, and the ability to float at rest on a liquid surface.



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